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Here you will find how to cut the cable and suggested products.

Cut the cable: Watch TV and movies

For this method, the only requirement is an Internet connection.

Step 1 have an internet connection.. faster is better

step 2 buy an android tv box.. 2 gig ram (Running pgms).. and 16gb or more Rom (storing programs)

links for equipment

Step 3 optional extra tv box storage.. as a rule is not needed as you should not download but view only. Storage would be for your own library of shows you own.

Suggestions for memory to plug into the micro sd slot on your tv box.


Step 4 Go to the android playstore. There you can either download or upgrade to the latest version of Kodi. (free download/update)

Once you have the latest version of Kodi.. you need to configure Kodi:

Step 5 How to Configure Kodi

Below I have directions.. but utube has how-to video’s on how to setup Kodi and you can simply just follow along with the video. But below is an overview of how to configure kodi.. step by step…

Overview of the method to configure kodi

First: toggle switch to allow downloads from unknown sources. This only has to be done ONCE as Kodi will remember the setting:

go to the top center wheel for settings:

Go to system Settings

Left side: go down to Add onc

Toggle ON the option for Unknown sources

back out and this is done.

There are many current and popular add ons for Kodi. Just do a search and find a list of the best ones. From name of the add-on the name may be given or do a search for ‘Kodi Addon’ and how to install it will come up. You need the repository name to add the Kodi add-on. Here are directions:


Launch Kodi

Press SYSTEM then select File Manager

Next Press Add Source

A window opes.. go to the top option that says

Type http://repo-name/repo and Press Done /OK

Go down and enter a name for media Source, To keep in order.. preface with a ‘.’ then the name…. like .testaddon Finally Press OK at the bottom. If you keyed in the source name correctly and it is still available, it will be accepted. Otherwise an error message will come up. Never press yes to an error source message as nothing will be created. Once successful:

Go back to Home Screen (esc)

Go down the menu and select Add-Ons. Then go to the disk in upper left top and hit enter

Some options will come up. You want to select: Install from zip file and hit enter.

A list of your sources will be displayed. Select the name you gave the source name

Press select ***.zip file to install the repository in your system

Wait for enabled notification to show up on your screen. Should just take a few seconds.

Next go to the option above and select: Install from Repository. All your installed repositories will be displayed.

Go to the Repository name that came up when you downloaded the zip file.

Select Video add-ons at the bottom of the list

Look in the list for your desired add-on and select it. A box will open: select install. You may install additional add-ons in the list if you wish. Just after you select one and select install, wait for the message that says the add-on has been installed. Then do another, if you wish.. or quit

Congrats, the add-on is now installed and ready to use. Just go back to the main Kodi menu. Go back to the main menu where at the top there is the exit button, the system button and a magnifying glass. Scroll down to the Add-ons to see the installed add-ons ready for use. To start one up just click on it.

Above is an overview to install a kodi app.. however more simply, just watch a utube video on how to install your desired app..and follow along in your kodi..

Kodi apps will allow you to watch movies, tv shows, or some live tv..

Step 6 install netflix or any other tv app from android playstore… These can be run inside of kodi or straight from the tv Box or just run by themselves. To run an android app inside Kodi: Just select Add-ons and go down to Android apps on the menu… Some popular android rv/movie add-on’s are not in the playstore. Just go to the website and download and then install directly in your tv box.

Step 7

For additional safety while streaming I suggest you install a VPN (virtual private network) This will keep your streaming invisible and keep you safe from tracking.

I suggest nordvpn but there are others out there. Do a search for vpn and see the ones that come up. The price will be from $4 – $15 per month. With nordvpn… once you sign up, just download the app from the playstore and enter your email and password, and it will connect to the vpn server.

Step 8 Live TV

Watch live tv. To do this you need to setup a paid subscription to IPTV in your area. Just do a search for iptv providers and go through them and select one you like. Be sure to watch the prices and they can go from $12 to $30 per month. The more expensive often offer more than 1 connection. Epic iptv for example has several iptv servers and 1 connection costs about $12 per month if you buy more than 3 months. However it has only 1500 channels from North America and other countries available. There are other iptv providers that offer 3000 channels from many countries. So look about and test what you want.. There will be utube videos on how to connect and setup a particular iptv service provider.

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